How Deadpool fits into the X-Men Cinematic Universe Explained

As comic book fans we are all pumped that Deadpool – a Ryan Reynolds Deadpool – is finally getting his time to shine on the big screen. However we were all wondering how exactly it will fit into this newly established X-Men franchise that has seemingly gone back in time. 

Charlie over at Emergency Awesome does his best to explain, and it’s hard to argue. From what he guesses, and what we can assume, Deadpool will take place in the 1980’s. That would line things up with the events of “Days of Future Past” and the upcoming “X-Men: Apocalypse.”

Now from what Charlie reports, he assumes this movie will take place after the events of “Apocalypse.” I don’t know if I agree with that. Since that movie comes out after Deadpool, it would be a bit confusing, I think. What I think will likely happen is that it will take place at some point that is separate from all the X-Men events. It will tie into the universe, but in the same way that the Marvel Netflix shows exists with their MCU.

I think the biggest question is who will we see bleed over from that X-Men universe? Maybe no one, or maybe we’ll see someone in there that will come in during the next X-Men films. Also, where does that leave us for this third Wolverine film?

Let’s just hope FOX has a vision.

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