Confirmed: Deadpool Film Will Be Rated R

While most comic book films are trying to remain family friendly, people, Ryan Reynolds included, has been pushing hard for 2016’s “Deadpool” to get an R rating. It looks like that wish has come true. 

Reynolds, a huge fan of the character, has wanted to stay as true to the comic book as he can. Those of us familiar with the Merc with a Mouth know that he’s called that for a reason. His comics aren’t really “family friendly’ per say. So an R rating makes sense. Yesterday Reynolds confirmed that the studio has approved the R rated version of the film.

So we can look forward to a Deadpool movie being plenty violent, and full of curse words. This is a nice move by Fox, who clearly wants to please the fans, and not try to sell toys to kids.

He also kind of confirmed that this character will have nothing to do with the character that we saw in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.” Thank god!

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