The Five Weirdest Things Currently For Sale On eBay

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen on-line?  You may laugh trying to remember or even cringe, knowing there are some serious wackos whom will put ANYTHING on the Internet.  Thanks to eBay’s “Totally Bizarre” category, we’ve stumbled upon some seriously odd and creepy stuff available for purchase today.  From Unicorn Cats to souls, check out the five weirdest things currently available on eBay.

1) Inflatable Unicorn Horn for Cats.  For just $5.95, you can dress your kitty up like a mythological creature.  Not only are there are 340 other weird-ass people out there that have purchased one of these horns already, there are another 252 watching this item.  You won’t be the only one!

2) Real Animal Tanned Frog Skin Key Chain.  I’ve always wanted to start my car with a frog.  Hurry – this beauty ends in two hours and is yours for just $4.95.

3) Strangely Shaped Mini Wheats.  We’ve seen food shaped like the Lord or having an impression of a religious figure.  These wheats lack any of such thing – but they are weirdly shaped.  Put these $5.99 cereal bites on a shelf and you’ll have a heck of a story to tell, I’m sure.

4) Mystery Item.  For less than a buck, the seller will give you what “could be anything.”  You might get a box.  Perhaps rocks.  Maybe even keys and locks.  Maybe a box, filled with rocks and locked with locks.  All for just 99 cents, ladies and gents.  Sorry, I bought one myself and I got a book of poetry.  Paying for itself already.

5) Human Soul.  Now we’re talking!  How many times have  you said “Man, I’d sell my soul for a date with Kate Upton” – or a beer?  Now, you don’t have to worry.  Put a bid in on this Human Soul for $1.29 and you can get that date…or bottle of suds and not have to worry about your future in the afterlife.  Just rephrase that a smidge to “I’d sell A soul.”

For less than $20, you could get a date with Kate Upton, pick her up on your unicorn, treat her to breakfast and show her your mystery box.  Sign. Me. Up.  Thanks, eBay.

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