Picture of new Star Wars Episode VII Stormtrooper Armor! Check out This Side by Side!

We’ve seen the helmets in the teaser trailer, but now, we’re getting our first full look at the entire armor set of a new Stormtrooper from Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. And I gotta say, it looks slick! Check out our side by side comparison!


The original (l) and new design (r) of the Stormtrooper’s armor from Star Wars.


The photo of the new design appears to have been released prior to the Star Wars Celebration convention. This photo is from StarWarsUnderworld’s Instagram feed.

Doing a head to toe run down, we’ve seen the new visor design, and the chest looks to be in two or three pieces, instead of the one piece from the original design. Also, the arms have changed some with the shoulder covers and hanging lower on the upper arm.

Can’t see the waist area too well, and the belt looks very similar to the first design. But the legs have changed, and the knee cap covers have been detached from the boot/calf piece of the original design. And the boots now seem to have a few new pieces to it as well.

And the E-11 Blaster looks to have also gotten an upgrade too. It seems to have some shinier parts to it, compared to the all black look of the original.

So what are your thoughts on the new design? Good? Bad? Sucky? Tell us in the comments.

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