Posting Spoilers On Social Media – How Long Should You Wait?

Social Media spoilers – anticipation killers, aren’t they?  You wait a few hours to check your DVR or you bought the Saturday Matinee ticket instead.   Either way, you’re the last to the table.  What about those nights you *gasp* watch live TV –  or were front row opening night?  How long do YOU wait before posting spoilers?  Monte didn’t, and got busted.

You’re running 30 minutes late and are about to miss the biggest plot twist of the season.  Luckily, you have a magic TV.  You sit down, pull your show from the DVR and the second your show starts, you check Twitter – and BAM – spoiler.  NIGHT RUINED.

We’ve all been there.  What happens when the shoe is on the other foot, though? You’re watching live TV.  You just saw a main character die, your jaw hits the floor and you reach for the phone!  Wait!  Should YOU post a spoiler?

Monte did just that during last week’s Scandal.  In the last scene, Jake, Olivia’s on again/off again love interest, was stabbed and presumably killed off from the show.  Posting the death, I was blasted on-line because I left out “spoiler alert!” from the post.

TV characters Tweet live during their show often.  In fact, Jake (Scott Foley)  did so and eluded to his death before my post.  It’s well-known that you should avoid social media if you haven’t seen your show yet.  Why should you have to wait to post a spoiler, appeasing the few rather than the many who saw the show in real-time and want to discuss?

Should I wait 30 minutes?  Four days? Two months?  What about sports scores – can I not post about a no-hitter because you DVR’ed the game?  How am I supposed to know your TV schedule?!  Am I wrong for being Spoily McSpoilPants?

The BIG question: How long is an appropriate waiting period before you post a spoiler? 

About Monte

I love sports, fantasy sports, fantasizing about sports and sporting fantasies. Currently host the afternoon show on 88.3 - check out my Facebook!/pages/Monte/220290668108028 or twitter @MonteJenningsJr I pay people handsomely to update my status for me. I'm far too popular and important to handle my own updates.

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