Scandal Spoiler Alert: Jake May Not Be Dead

Left hanging on the edge of our seats, we may have seen a major character killed from ABC’s Scandal last week – or did we?  Jake Ballard, love interest of the show’s star, Olivia Pope, was stabbed and left for dead in the closing scene.  The actor playing Jake (Scott Foley) even Tweeted his fate.  However, new photos surfacing on-line could prove otherwise.  Have been duped?  Check out the photo.

On ABC’s Scandal, nobody is safe.  In a show working around a rigged Presidential election, black-op. assassins and government cover-ups galore,  producers don’t think twice before killing off characters to build a storyline.  The revolving door of stars makes me lean towards believing a major cast member was written off the show last week, but leaked photos put the death in question.

Jake Ballard, on again/off again boyfriend of the show’s star, Olivia Pope, has been working to take down the black-op assassin group known as B613.  The B613 organization has killed Kings, family members of Presidents and ordinary citizens – anyone in the way of a smoothly run republic.  They’d turn on one of their own if a threat intervened.  Jake, a former member himself, is aiming to take down the group’s leader- whom happens to be Olivia Pope’s father.

In the final seconds of last week’s show, we see Jake get attacked by a B613 operative, being brutally stabbed multiple times.

Scott Foley, the actor that plays Jake immediately took to Twitter and started the death rumors.  The second Jake was stabbed, we see Foley Tweet “Oh Shit” and then states it was an honor to the fans.

Foley then re-Tweeted Joshua Malina, another actor on the show, stating it was a pleasure working with him.

This afternoon, hours before his fate airs, Foley told us how hard it was to shoot the episode, implying it is his last, no?

Jake certainly looks to be dead in the promo for tonight’s episode:

HOWEVER! Jake may live!  A photo shared on Twitter, shown by @Courtsthoughts_  , was apparently posted on an ABC media site after the show according to reports.  The photo shows Jake alive and well, recuperating in bed!  Check out the MAJOR SPOILER photo!

Does Jake live?!  We’ll find out tonight at 9:00 PM EST. on ABC.  You can always follow X-Jock on Twitter, too – I’m sure we’ll be posting live Tweets about Jake’s fate.

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