Doomsday Going To Play a Major Role in ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn Justice’

Just when we thought that we might have things figured out when it comes to “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”, we get another monkey wrench thrown at us. Now it looks as though Doomsday, yes THAT Doomsday, will play a big role. 

According to Umberto Gonzalez, founder and editor of, Doomsday will be in “Batman v Superman” and he’s could be someone that we’ve already seen before.




Gonzalez revealed this news on a recent podcast episode of Shanlian on Batman.

Apparently Doomsday rumors were gaining momentum as early as last year, and you’ll never guess who Doomsday could be connected to.

This guy:


That’s right, General Zod.

As the rumor goes, he will be the muscle, and creation of someone else. I’ll assume that’s Lex Luthor. He’s also rumored to be created from the corpse of Zod, so could that mean that we get Michael Shannon back? One never knows. All I do know is that Gonzalez also says that Doomsday looks incredible.

So yes, the origin of Doomsday will change a little bit. In the comics he’s the product of years of experimentation by alien scientists. They were attempting to create the perfect weapon, but it backfired when he evolved so much that he killed them all. He was contained, but escaped eventually, and rampaged across the universe. He finally made his way to earth, where he “killed” Superman. Spoiler?

What they are rumored to be doing by creating him as a product of Zod is different, but not too far off. Doomsday is a product of Kyrpton, and science. So that would remain true. I’m just going to assume that Lex is attempting to design the perfect weapon, and it backfires on him. This Batman and Superman teaming up.

What do you think? Would you be happy with this, or is this movie becoming far too complicated? Let me know in the comments section.

man of steel


[Source: CinemaBlend]

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  1. This is huge!
    But, won’t this inclusion clutter things up? Remember Spiderman 3?

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