Another Reason to Live in Boston, Massachusetts. Oral Gratification on The MBTA

I’ve visited Boston a few times and I gotta say it’s a nice place to visit. The Sam Adams brewery is there, their Museums are awesome, and you can get a hummer while waiting for train. But I don’t think that you can use your Charlie card for that. 

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 8.11.48 PMWell, it’s not like you can go and just get one, but this couple took advantage of the lack of police in the station, mostly due to some budget issues, and just wanted to share their love by the girl giving her guy some mouth party. It all went down (pardon the pun) last Friday. And an irate traveller sent a very terse message to the MBTA:


“Dear MBTA, I understand you are having financial problems and it is difficult to maintain a broken system, however my tax dollars should be going to pay your police force because I shouldn’t have to stand next to a man receiving oral sex.”

Needless to say, the cops are little red faced about all this. Transit Police Lt. Richard Sullivan said that officials won’t “tolerate” mid-station acts of fellatio. And he went on to say that in 20 years of being on the job, has never seen anything as brazen as this. Either way, this is pretty crazy.

So if presented with the opportunity, would you do something like this?

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