They Made a Change to Han Solo That I Don’t Think I Like

With the change in ownership from Lucasfilm to Disney, Disney has gone into overtime to to really give fans an awesome experience with the franchise, so they are having Marvel comics, who is also owned by Disney, tell some stories about our favorite Rebels. But the one about Han Solo that has come out in Star Wars #6? I am not a happy Ewok. 


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So it’s been highly advertised that the comics, animated shows and the newest novels coming out, are now canon. So that means, this is part of the Star Wars Universe and I couldn’t be more upset about it. Han’s married. Yeah, our favorite Nerf herder is married and this totally changes how we see the character and I think it’s not a good change at all!

Han was a scoundrel! A guy who had a code of honor and did what needed to be done. And that is what we loved about him. HAN SHOT FIRST for crying out loud! He was the epitome of Chaotic Neutral! He was “The Space Cowboy” in Steve Miller’s song. Now, he’s just a two timing dick? No no no no no no no. And in cased you missed it, NO!

I think this is a big mistake, and that Marvel has really screwed things up here. Everyone was worried Disney would screw things up, well, they may have just done that. Maybe even breaking up Peter Parker and MJ in One Last Day, bad! What are your thoughts on this?

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  1. My thoughts are the same as your thoughts, big mistake. Han Solo was a no good, do anything for money type of guy, that just happened to get caught up in the battle because he kind of had the hots for the princess

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