Watch Two Women Beat The Hell Out of Each Other At Walmart [VIDEO]

Some things never cease to amaze us. One of those thing sis the predictability of the wonderful people who shop at Walmart. 

As part one of the video starts out, these two women are arguing over something. I’m not really sure what, but something has gotten under the skin of one of them. So the one woman, who is in a handicap cart, decides it’s time to rise up and represent woman kind! She’s done taking this woman’s crap. Warning, NSFW language.

Now one thing that is really concerning in this video is the child. He’s the other woman’s son, clearly. But at one point the mother tells the boy, as she has the woman in a headlock, to “punch her in her fucking face.” Great parenting. It only gets better in part two of the video when the kid begins kicking the woman in her face, and throwing various cosmetic items at her, too.

It’s all really kind of sad when you think about it. This kid, his mother fighting in front of him, and the other woman is also jsut as much at fault. She just seems to have bit off more than she can chew.

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