Is San Diego ComiCon Past It’s Prime?

It’s the one of the hottest places for a geek to be in the summer. A festival of comic books, collectables, TV show and movie producers, actors and more. And I’m starting to get annoyed with it every year, and here’s why. 

San Diego Convention Center, Hall H

San Diego Convention Center, Hall H

Now you are probably saying, “Rich, what are you? Mashugana?” No, I’m just tired of the fact that Comicon has become so commercialized, that those of us that can’t go, because of it being sold out, or unable to travel, get excluded from some pretty cool stuff, just for the sheer fact that we can’t go. What am I talking about?

Many of the movie studios that show up to talk about their movies, the ones we are all waiting to see, usually show some kind of exclusive content. And of course they don’t want it leaking out, so no one is allowed to record it. Fine, I’m cool with that. But most of the time, they never release it after the show. So those of us that are unable to attend, get left out. What a bunch of dicks! static1.squarespace

I mean, how hard is it to post it online and release it after the panel is done? Or maybe even after the convention is done? Not too hard right? Hell, At Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim this past spring, the new Star Wars teaser was played for the audience in the hall, then it was released after the panel with JJ, Mark, Carrie and the rest of the cast of Episode VII was done. While those of us that were watching the live stream didn’t see it right then, we still got to see it. And the fact they did a live stream is even cooler! How hard would it be for them to do that here?

I feel like we sold our culture to the TV and movie people, and yes, they give us the entertainment we are asking for, but then they tease some of us, and satisfy us, all while giving blue balls to the rest of us. I guess I would feel better, if many of the movie studios actually cared more about the fans then the money they are making. Disney, while a very big studio, still seems to care. They actually released the Star Wars panel footage they showed, right after the panel was done. Some of the others, I really think they are just in it for the money.

Maybe the smaller shows are really where it’s at? I mean I went to the one here in Albany and had a ton of fun! It was more intimate and I felt more of a connection when I talked to people. Now the biggest show I have been to was in New York City, but that was back in 1989. I got to meet Stan Lee and get his autograph as well as meet Jack Kirby, who was just stopping by to say hi to Stan. It was awesome! But there wasn’t big movie studios or TV studios having conferences with 7000 seats with people camping out for almost the entire day from opening, to save a seat. I mean, come on!

SDCC in my opinion has gotten to big for it’s britches. Maybe the people who put this together, should spin off all these conferences for movies and TV and what not, into it’s own separate thing, and go back to a Comicon that is about the comics and people who make them, and read them.

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