WATCH: ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Trailer

This week is Comic Con in San Diego, and with that comes a lot of good things. That would include a first look at season 6 of AMC’s “The Walking Dead.” You can see the full four minute trailer now. 

Let’s not forget where season 5 of “The Walking Dead” left off. Rick was a little crazy, but rightfully so. It looks like he’s trying to make the citizens of Alexandria safe, but they don’t seem to want his help.

Morgan is here, and he also doesn’t quite trust Rick, or at least that’s the way it seems.

Rick and the rest of the team seem to be at odds. Daryl and him aren’t on the same page, and Carol is, well, Crazy Carol.

So who do we trust? We’ll have to wait and see what happens on October 11th when the show returns!

Oh, for an extra special treat skip to the 3:35 mark near the end. It will be worth your while.

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