Taylor Mathews Launches Kickstarter For New Record

Fresh off a North American tour, former America’s Got Talent finalist, Taylor Mathews, is back in the studio.  On the heels of his first album’s success, Mathews isn’t taking any downtime – he’s ready to record a brand new album this Summer and you can help!  Launching a Kickstarter, the star is offering some insanely awesome rewards including personalized songs, studio visits and skydiving.  Yes, skydiving – check it out! 

Taylor Mathews is back in the recording booth, waiting to churn out another hit album and is offering some immensely cool rewards on his newly launched Kickstarter program!  Ever want to skydive with a music star?  Get ready to cross that off your bucket list.

Mathews came into our lives as a finalist on season five of America’s Got Talent.  After a national tour with R5, an album from the musician was a must!  Taking to Kickstarter, Taylor offered you the chance to help fund his first album.  Perks ranged from hand-written notes to actual in-home concerts.  After raising enough funds to to create the wildly successful Do What You Want To record, which peaked at #6 on the iTunes album chart, Mathews is giving you another opportunity to partake in the making of his highly anticipated second album!  This time, the rewards are insane!

The Capital of Us campaign starts off with a $5 reward – a download of Mathew’s new single, We Can Dream, along with a hand-written thank you note.

A $15 donation gets you a download of the new record, before the release. $25 nabs you a digital copy of the album and a signed CD, too.  Have a few more spare dollars?  This is where things get super fun!

-$150 donation gets you an invite to the Nashville, TN. studio for a listener party.

-$400 and you’ll have the chance to go skydiving in CA. with Taylor.

-$500 and you’ll receive an hour-long concert via Skype at which you’ll pick the songs! Oh, and you’ll have your name on the album credits – how cool is that?

-$700 is all it will take to have Taylor Mathews write a song about you!  How many more zeros would you have to add to this package if Justin Timberlake were to write a song about you?  Get this package now before Mathews is selling out arenas like JT.

Perks are even more unbelievable as donation packages rise.  Hot Air Balloon rides, hanging out at Disneyland – how about being ON A SONG?!  That can happen. At the very least, a new album will be in your headphones very soon – Taylor has already raised $11,000 towards the making of the new album.  Check out all details, rewards and how you can bring The Capital of Us to light via Kickstarter by clicking HERE.

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