Spider-Man’s MCU Costume Design Revealed?

Spider-Man is a fan favorite, and one of the most recognizable comic book characters in the world. So is he getting a new look for the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

We are all giddy with anticipations of Spider-Man’s appearance in 2016’s “Captain America: Civil War.” So how will our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man look when he hits theaters again?

We already know that he will be a much younger Spidey then movie goers are used to seeing. He won’t be college age, but it looks like they are taking us back to high school Peter Parker. It’s also now possible that he doesn’t have his hands on a traditional looking suit. So could this be what Spider-Man will look like in “Civil War?”

Now this would make a whole lot of sense if this is the case. It looks like it could be a concept, since the Russo Bros. who are directing the film tweeted out this picture a couple weeks ago.

That looks an awful lot like the goggles seen in the above picture.

So why does this make sense to me? Because one of the biggest plot points in the Civil War comic books has to do with Spider-Man and his costume. In order to sway him over to his side, Tony Stark gives Peter Parker the Iron Spider costume. It’s basically Iron Man armor, but for Spider-Man.

The Iron Spider costume. Marvel Comics.

The Iron Spider costume. Marvel Comics.

It would be interesting if this does play a role in the movie. Maybe Peter is introduced and Tony gives him some new tech in order to help him. I’m not talking Iron Spider, but it would make sense.

Spider-Man is set to make his debut in 2016’s “Civil War” and then get his own feature in 2017.

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