New ‘Gotham’ Teaser Shows Off Season 2 Villains

Season one of “Gotham” had it’s ups and downs. Okay, mostly downs. I did stick around until the end, and while I’m not anticipating this like I’m anticipating the return of other TV shows this fall, it has my interest. 

Last season began to setup the twisted history of “Gotham”, DC’s most twisted city. Sure, a lot of the first season was a bit lame, but when they got it right, they got it right. Here’s hoping they learned from last year’s mistakes and are moving in a better direction.

This most recent teaser shows off some of the potential villains we’re going to see in this upcoming season. Obviously Penguin is back, and it looks like Gotham PD’s resident CSI is continuing to go off the deep end. Maybe we’ll see the Riddler by the end of the season. Looks like Victor Zaasz is back too, as well as rumored Joker, Jerome the circus boy. His performance, along with Penguin’s totally saved that show for me last year.

We also see a couple of new villains in Tigress and Theo Galvan. Theo, according to this report, will be the origin of a very famous DC villain.

“Gotham” returns on September 21st.

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