Confirmed! George R.R. Martins Says Major Character is Still Alive

Finally after months of speculation after the season 5 finale we have confirmation that one of George R.R. Martin’s thought to be dead characters is still alive!



That’s right! It looks like that at least in the books, Stannis Boratheon is still alive and kicking. That’s according to an entry that he made in his Live Journal when answering a fan question.

The fan asked, “Ok Mr. Martin, let’s cut the crap is Stannis Alive or dead?” Martin then replied, “In my books? Alive, beyond a doubt.”

However just because Stannis is alive in Martin’s books doesn’t mean that he is alive on the show. HBO has said that he is dead, and that was their intention. So perhaps George R.R. Martin is taking Stannis in a new direction.

We know that on the show it looks like Brienne of Tarth takes his head off with one swift blow from oath keeper. In the books you only hear about his death in a letter that Ramsay Bolton sends to Jon Snow. There’s a lot that the show and books changed from that point, but mostly with the same outcomes.

So what does that mean for “King Stannis?” We’ll have to wait and see what “The Winds of Winters” bring us.

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