‘Game of Thrones’ Rumor: Lady Stoneheart Coming To Westeros, and with an Army

Book readers had all but lost hope that Lady Stoneheart would be making an appearance on HBO’s “Game of Thrones”, but it looks like we will see her in the upcomign season six. 



We are still almost a year away from season six of “Game of Thrones.” That’s not stopping our obsession with it any less, and the rumors just keep coming in. Today we learned that a major player in the books could be coming to life on the show.

Irish Thrones, which posts really credible information about the show all the time, posted that Lady Stoneheart would be appearing and wouldn’t be alone.



For those of you who don’t know, Lady Stoneheart is the resurrected Catelyn Stark. The last time we saw her on the show was the red wedding when her throat was slit.

Personally I was hoping that we might get a hint that she would be coming back as Lady Stoneheart in season four, but no. Season five? Still nothing.  Now in the book she is resurrected by Beric Dondarrion three days after the events of the red wedding. She’s not the Catelyn that we’re used to. She’s vengeful and out to get anyone who she believes betrayed her son, Robb. I’m very interested about the army that she could be leading. Brotherhood without Banners? Probably, but you never know what the show writers have in mind.

If you want to know more, read the books. She starts to make her appearance the third book, “A Storm of Swords.” Or check out the GoT wiki. Also helpful.

Also, I don’t want to spoil anything that could happen, but things could get interesting if she does come back and crosses paths with Brienne of Tarth.

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