John Diggle’s Arrow Costume Revealed

Yeah, we’re not really feeling it. 



Yesterday Arrow’s Facebook page posted the above photo saying “Check out Diggle’s new suit in action Wednesday, October 7 on the season premiere of  Arrow!”

When Stephen Amell revealed his new Green Arrow suit everyone loved it! That is not the case for us with Diggle’s suit. I can personally say that I hate it. I hope that they are playing a trick on us to try and throw us off the Green Lantern trail. This doesn’t work for me at all.


I mean, what is he supposed to be? Magneto? The Juggernaut? I don’t understand the helmet. Maybe someone can elaborate to me what or who they think he’s supposed to be, but as of right now he may as well be Turd Man. Hopefully this isn’t the best they can do. The leather jacket looks tacky as hell, just saying.

Come on, “Arrow” producers. You can do better.

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