Fear the Walking Dead: Why Travis Is the Worst

Are you watching AMC’s “Fear the Walking Dead?” Do you also hate Travis? Good. 



We are now three episodes into AMC’s “Walking Dead” spinoff series. So far I’m really enjoying the “how it happened” story that they are telling. I feel as though it is a pretty good interpretation of how society would actually react if all hell broke loose and the dead began to rise up.

With that being said I absolutely cannot stand Cliff Curtis’s Travis character.

In the first episode we’re introduced to Travis, a high school English teacher. He’s talking about “White Fang.” The theme of that book and his lesson are certainly being felt on this show. He’s also a father, a step-father, and and seems to be a decent guy. The problem: Decent guys are the worst in a zombie apocalypse.

Remember how we all hated Hershel and his family for part of season 2 when we discovered them keeping walkers in a barn because they were “sick?” Yeah, Travis would have been right at home at the farm pre Rick.

What kills me is that in that first episode he witnessed Nick run over a guy – twice – and watch him come back to life. So what is he not getting about this situation?

When they encountered a now dead zombified neighbor, eating a dog, he doesn’t want to hurt him. He thinks he’s sick. He didn’t deserve to be killed.

Hell, even his wife gets it. She was trying to do her neighbor a service by killing her after she tried to eat her daughter. He had to stop that though because there might be a cure? A CURE? This guy. He’s got me watching this show all like this.


This man is a teacher. Teachers are very smart. So why do a drug addict and a barber have more common sense than you, sir? Why can you not see that people are TRYING TO EAT OTHER PEOPLE?

Also, please don’t teach your son to use a gun. That would be crazy. It’s not like there are riots going on, not to mention walkers all over the place trying to eat you and everyone around you.

Daniel brings up a very good point at the end of the most recent episode. Travis and his family are good people, and good people don’t last long. This is true. Look at some of our favorites:

  • Dale
  • Otis
  • Everybody Hates Chris guy
  • The hippies who Rick and Carol met
  • Amy

I mean the list goes on. At one point Rick may have been on that list. But he figured out what needed to be done and has been doing it.

So, Travis, please grow a pair. I’m really hoping you turn the corner on this show.

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