How Many Steps You Must Walk To Burn Off Your Lunch

How many steps must you walk to burn off your lunch today?  The answer: many.  If you’re looking down at your Fitbit, impressed with the 5,000 steps you have taken thus far, you’ll be far less thrilled to learn that you’ve burned enough calories to negate the soda you drank – and only the soda.  See the insane amount of steps it’ll take to work off your latest meal.

Checking your Fitbit, you’re proud when you look down and see 5,000 steps taken, right?  You’ve certainly worked off that afternoon snack you took with lunch – or did you?  A new study shows just how many steps you’ll need to take to burn off your favorite eats – and the numbers are staggering!

The average person walks a shade under 6,000 steps per day.  Yahoo! Food reports that 2,000 steps are the equivalent of one mile.  Walking one mile will burn 89 calories.  Basically, we burn off 267 calories, on average, just by walking. That’s good, right?  Only if you ate a wish sandwich for lunch.

Yahoo! Food states:

-1 can of Coca-Cola has 140 calories.  Steps needed: 3,140.  Or, 1.57 miles of walking.

-1 Five Guys burger has 840 calories. 18,800 steps which is 9.44 miles.

-1 Snickers has 214 calories. 4, 840 steps which is 2.42 miles.

Grand total  – 26,780 steps needed, or 13.43 miles walked just to burn off a burger, soda and candy bar from lunch.


The vending machine is a slow killer.  Needing to walk two and a half miles to work off that tiny, $1.25 candy bar?  It’s not just the Snickers – see what other candies are causing the step climb by using this sweet calculator.



Good thing I opted for the candy bar instead of the Big Texas today or else I’d need to run two marathons after lunch.

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