The X-Cast: Geek Show Episode 28 – Agents of Awesome


The Fall TV season has begun and BJ and I are ready to give you a recap and some spoilers as well as a healthy dose of speculation on what we want to see, hope to see and and maybe even call a few shots into right field. Ready? Because the Geek Show is on!

We started with some Quick Hits and talked about Gotham being back, and looking better then season 1, Heroes Reborn and BJ shared his thoughts as I have yet to get caught up with the episodes, and we talked a little Jessica Jones, as her time is getting closer.

We also covered The Flash and Arrow and got ourselves up to speed on what happened last season, what we saw in the teasers, and what we expect to see. We also ranted on Diggle’s costume, and have named him, Maggiggle (Magneto + Diggle), because his uniform just looks so damn stupid! Anyone else agree here? Tell us in the comments.

Then we got to recapping Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s first episode of the season and threw in some review from last season. We also threw out some ideas on what we’re thinking will happen and what we want to see. Coulson, Simmons, May and Hydra OH MY! Lots going on and we got to see a cool villain from the comics, on the screen!

Give us your feed back on this show and what you thought. Also, share your ideas on what will be happening not only on these shows, but others you follow and watch. We’d love to hear what you have to say.

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