Katie Nolan Explains Why Greg Hardy’s Return to the NFL is Horrible

You all remember Greg Hardy right? Known for beating women? Yeah, that Greg Hardy. 

Let me just start off by saying that Katie Nolan is a national treasure. She is so on point with her argument here that it’s scary. Greg Hardy, who is set to make is triumphant return to the NFL after being suspended for 10 games (later reduced to four games), is the human equivalent to a pile of trash.

As Nolan points out, Hardy coming back to the NFL is a huge problem. This man “allegedly” threw his ex-girlfriend into furniture, strangled her, and threatened to kill her. However there wasn’t enough evidence because he is an athlete. Athletes can do this sort of thing and get away with it. If the NFL wants to put out more stupid commercials with athletes crying, while at the same time letting serial abusers back into the league they can continue to be hypocritical.

It appears, at this point, that the only reason Ray Rice doesn’t have a job back in the NFL because the NFL attempted to cover up his abuse scandal. The video evidence of him knocking out his wife is awful. He apologized for it, and is still without a job.

Hardy, who is unapologetic about his actions, is just sad he “couldn’t be there for his teammates.” Really, bro? I hope someone flattens him on the field. As an Eagles fan I hope it’s a member of the Eagles O-line. Hey, put Connor Barwin on offense for one play with the specific purpose of laying him out.

Let’s also look at Adrian Peterson, who abused his son with a homemade switch to the point of bleeding, and is welcomed back into the League with open arms. He is also unapologetic about his abuse.

The NFL needs to get it together. I know that regular people who abuse their children and spouses don’t lose their jobs, but it doesn’t make them any less awful.

Oh, it’s also domestic violence awareness month, so good for you NFL. I wonder how much pink Hardy will have on to support awareness of a disease that primarily affects women. Hey, if cancer doesn’t get you, Greg Hardy probably will. Because he beats women.


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