Marvel Drama: Iron Fist TV Show and Inhumans Film in Jeopardy

There is a rift between Marvel’s film and television universe right now, and it looks like some things that we were looking forward to seeing might never be seen. 



Remember how exciting it was when Marvel announced that they would be doing four Netflix shows that would lead up to a massively awesome Defenders miniseries? Those were good times.

Now, according to Bleeding Cool, we might be missing the fourth part of the Defenders team up. While we all loved Daredevil and are really looking forward to Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, we haven’t heard much about Iron Fist. No casting news, no writing news, nothing. There were some Iron Fist easter eggs in Daredevil which makes the news that Marvel is having trouble developing Iron Fist all the more troubling.

Let’s not get ourselves into a panic just yet, but as BC reports Iron Fist could be hit by interference from Marvel Studios, who still has a say over how the television series will look and feel. Without their sign-off, that could lead to the killing of the show.


On the film side with Inhumans, that project was apparently put into the timeline of upcoming releases because Isaac Perlmutter wanted to do it. Black Panther and Captain Marvel are projects that Kevin Feige wants to do. Perlmutter, the CEO of Marvel Entertainment, no longer has much say on the film side, so his project may be scrapped due to the rift between Marvel Studios and Marvel Entertainment. We actually touched on this on our latest Geek Show. Listen to how we felt about this discouraging news.

Are we seeing Marvel’s Roman Empire start to crumble? Has it gotten too big? I certainly hope not. The two sides need to start communicating again, other wise we might as well just expect Marvel’s MCU and TVU to turn into what DC currently is.

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  1. According to that most reputable of sources, “A guy in a bar.” There’s no real reason to believe these rumours.

    • I would LOVE if these rumors were not true, but it also wouldn’t shock me. We’ve heard very little on either of these projects.

      • Iron Fist has plenty of time; it’s not surprising we wouldn’t hear much yet. Inhumans is far enough out that it’s also no surprise nothing’s been heard about that. About all we know about the Captain Marvel movie is that it keeps getting pushed back to fit in other movies with male leads.

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