The X-Cast: Geek Show Episode 29 – NYCC NEWSPLOTION!


As the sun set on New York City, so did this years ComiCon. But a boat load of news came out of it! Some good and some bad, but either way, more then enough for us to dish on. Ready? Steady. GO! It’s a Geek Show!

I won’t try to laundry list everything we talked about simply because this post would be a few pages long and I have to get to my day job. But some quick highlights are: Jessica Jones looks awesome, Some Daredevil footage got leaked, DC should make Berlanti their “Keven Feige” of the DC TV and movie universe, and Marvel announces more stuff.

Any more then that, I would ask you listen to the show to get the full on “newspoltion”.

Till next week!

Stay Geeky!

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