Read the Diary of Lzzy Hale on Tumblr

Ever wish you could get a peak at Lzzy Hale’s diary and get inside her head?  Dreams are now a reality as the Halestorm front-woman is currently blogging on Tumblr.  Read about Lzzy’s inner secrets, love life, and how she lives  “sex, drugs and rock & roll.” You can also learn about a serious medical issue with her voice – one that has caused show cancellations.

Halestorm lead singer and the crush of each of us at X-Jock is now putting her deepest, darkest secrets on-line for all of us to read.  Lzzy Hale has joined Tumblr.

In her first post, we were shocked to learn of major vocal issues Hale has been dealing with.  One that has forced the band to cancel a few shows around the country.  No longer able to hit once attainable high notes, a squeak started to develop in Lzzy’s voice.  At one point, the singer couldn’t speak.  After seeing multiple doctors and having a procedure involving a camera being slide down her throat, all doctors concluded  – she’s healthy.

Lzzy cried over letting fans down and was in panic mode, trying to solve her voice issues.  One step she’s trying – a healthy diet and lifestyle.  Unlike her predecessors, bands on tour these days work much harder than rock stars of the 70’s and 80’s.  Lead singers could binge on alcohol, drugs and party until day break.   Bouncing back the following morning was no issue, mainly because of the band’s schedules.  Make a record, go on one big tour and take a break.  Now, bands are touring for multiple years straight, without a break.  A new city each night, media and entertainment.  Remember, back in the 80’s – we had 3 channels.  More opportunity for bands, but at what cost?  So, for that reason – Hale shies from the Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll life.

No eating four hours before bed, no alcohol or fried foods.  No sugar.  No caffeine.   So far, so good – Halestorm is currently still on tour and Lzzy’s voice is selling out venues all over the world.  She’s even well enough to let us into other parts of her life on her new Tumblr – like whom she’s dating.

Lzzy Hale has long been rumored to be in a relationship with band-mate, Halestorm guitarist, Joe Hottinger. Posting on-line, Hale gave us this love note:

“Many years ago today on October 2nd, you kissed me (or did I kiss you first?). You changed my life for the better that day just by walking into it. We have a New Modern Love that no one understands but that’s ok, we are US. And everyone else can suck it cuz I’m so proud to be yours.”

Is Hottinger her mystery man? I don’t know too many non-daters that call their significant other “mama” like Joe did in his recent birthday tweet to Lzzy.  Cozy on the bus, no?

If you want to read all of Lzzy’s love note to her mystery man, how she keeps her body healthy and what’s going on in her private moments – check out her full Tumblr entries.  While reading, make sure to rock out to Halestorm on the X-Jock station – X1 Radio.

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