Field of Horrors in Brunswick is the Best Haunted Hayride in the Capital Region

Halloween is creeping up quickly and there is no better way to spend a chilly, Fall evening this time of year than at a haunted hayride. While there are many great, local options to choose from – only one stands out as the best.  Field of Horrors in Brunswick is hands-down going to make your night.

Even the road leading to Field of Horrors in Brunswick gives you an eerie feel.  Along Route 40, you’ll pass Oakwood cemetery, rumored to be haunted and home of THE Uncle Sam.  Dark, scary and winding – before you’re even on the hayride, you know that FOH is where you want to be for your Halloween fun before you even arrive at the gate.

Before hitting the hayride, there are several attractions available to scare you half to death – like the Death Trap!  You’ll end up underground, possibly on your knees, in fear.

Brand new for 2015 is the CarnEvil house.  Have a fear of clowns?  Better beware of this Black-Light Clown House! This stop is even equip with a laughing gas chamber.

Also debuting this year is Insanity, what the website states is “The most intense, high-tech, mind-boggling attraction you have yet to experience.”  Haunted houses that mess with your mind have to be the scariest.  No mirrors, costumes or noises can compare to tricks of the mind.

ZOMBIES! A haunted attraction isn’t complete without zombies, right?  Now is your chance to take the fun a step further and shoot the walking dead.  At Sector 6, you’re armed with paintball guns to take out brain suckers.

The best for last – main attraction at it’s finest. The Trail of Terror Hayride.  Field of Horrors have outdone themselves here – easily the best in the Capital Region.  With acres of real-life monsters, maniacs, ghosts and ghouls, the ride features amazing scares.  Flames, electric sparks and a noise of chainsaw distract you from what really hides in the dark.  With castles, bridges, cars and a setting as good as any Hollywood film set, the hayride is second to none.

If you’re a horror junky or looking for a fun night out in the area, check out Field of Horrors.

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