‘Agents of SHIELD’ Theory: Andrew Garner Is Lash

It’s theory time, and this one about our favorite psychologist on Marvel’s “Agents of SHIELD” has some real legs. 



We were introduced to Dr. Andrew Garner in the second season of Marvel’s “Agents of SHIELD.” He is played wonderfully by actor Blair Underwood. I immediately enjoyed this character, especially since it allowed us to dive deeper in Agent May’s background, because Garner is her ex-husband!

dun dun dun

Garner was brought on board around the time that it was discovered that Skye (now Daisy) had acquired powers through the diviner. So now that we know that Inhumans exist it would only make sense to bring him back to work with other Inhumans now that they have been exposed to terrigenisis, whether they like it or not.

In this season we have also been introduced to the character of Lash, who is going around killing other Inhumans. In the comics he does this for a religious reasons, and is kind of a nut. He doesn’t believe that some people are worthy of becoming Inhumans. His motives on the show still have not been revealed.

So what about my theory? (SPOILERS AHEAD)

The most recent episode of AOS put the agents, mainly Daisy, Mac and members of the government run ATC face to face with Lash. He murdered three Inhumans at the beginning of the episode, and it was discovered that he was working with another Inhuman to lure other Inhumans into a trap.


Sorry for saying Inhumans so much.

For some reason when Lash breaks into the ATC truck to kill one Inhuman, he spares Daisy. Why? Daisly also sees that as Lash is walking away he changes – into a person. That person’s identity is not yet known, but that’s where my Andrew idea comes into play.

He’s very curious about working with the Inhumans. He wants to know their abilities and where they are. I mean, he practically tears Coulson a new one when he found out that an Inhuman had come to Coulson’s team and no one told him so he could clear her for work in the field. Later in the episode you see him looking at her through the window of her cell, and the look is kind of suspicious.

At the end of the episode Ward’s hydra guys have Garner surrounded as a way to keep May from capturing Ward. Hunter decides to just go in anyway leaving Andrew’s fate up in the air.

We see that someone is laying on the ground, we see a can of gas pouring out all over the place, and the store that they had Andrew surrounded in is wrecked. Then we see Werner Von Strucker fleeing the scene before the place blows up. Here’s the thing, he looks scared, like really scared.

What makes sense to me is that Andrew transformed into Lash and kicked some ass.

More stuff: May didn’t leave him, he left May. He left for a long time without contacting her. So where was he? Possibly gaining powers from the diviner with the help of Daisy’s mother back at the Inhuman village?


That makes sense to me. It would also make sense that he might spare Daisy because of their connection, or that he believes she is worthy. What do you think? Plausible, or will this theory be busted?

One thing that we’ll need to know is whether or not he’s aware of what he’s doing, if he is in fact Lash. We’ll have to see.

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  1. It was my first thought, too, the moment I saw Werner’s face.

  2. Boom, love it. I think you nailed it. Sara M sent me this link. From the last 3-4 episodes of the first season the show has been very good.

  3. You’re just about spot on to what I am thinking. One of your facts is off though. Andrew went missing with his time with May after the events of season 2. Daisy’s mother was already dead. I believe they mentioned that Andrew and May were in Hawaii in episode 2. In episode 1 the showed the simulation of the spread of the terrigen in the ocean, and the current carried it right up the west coast and to Hawaii. If May and Andrew were in Hawaii it’s likely he was exposed to it either by swimming in the ocean or eating seafood.

    I definitely believe he’s an inhuman. I also think it’s possible that he’s Lash. I do think it would be a little too neat and simple for that to be the case though.

  4. Confirmed

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