Dear ‘Agents of SHIELD’, Can Fitz Catch a Break?

It seems as though every time things are going right for Fitz things change quickly. Can’t he ever win?



Agent Fitz has become a fan favorite for those who watch Marvel’s “Agents of SHIELD.” One of the things that everyone loves about him is that fact that he is crazy for his lab partner, and best friend, Agent Gemma Simmons.

For two 1/3 seasons now it has been a game of “when will Fitz get the girl?” Let’s recap:

  • First season – Ward drops Fitz and Simmons in the ocean. Fitz tells Simmons he loves her, and sacrifices himself to save Simmons, but he survives! But now he has a bit of brain damage.
  • Second season – Fitz is recovering from being dropped in the ocean and having damage done to him from not breathing for so long. Simmons doesn’t want to talk about that “I love you” moment they had. Finally, Simmons agrees to go to dinner with Fitz only to sucked into the monolith (a portal) and transported to another planet, realm, or dimension.
  • Third season (so far) – Fitz risks his career and life to rescue Simmons from wherever it is that she was stuck in. He does it! Awesome! Turns out Simmons is pretty messed up from being not on earth, but they go out to dinner. She cries. Fitz comforts her. She tells him they need to go back to where she was because…there was someone else there, and they developed a romantic relationship with each other.

That literally has us reacting all like:


fitz 2

Now I have seen some people stuck in the “friend-zone” but this is getting to be ridiculous. What does Fitz have to do in order to get Simmons?

Sure, she was stuck on another planet (or realm) for 4,722 hours, and yeah she probably fell for that stupid space guy, Will (is that even your real name??).

What happens after Simmons confesses that she wants to go back and rescue this Will that she’s fallen in love with?


fitz 1

Bro, stop doing things for her. She’s never going to be into you. You might as well just kill Will once you go get him because that is going to be the only way to get Simmons away from him.

Also, I’m sick of Simmons. If you aren’t into Fitz, just tell him because I’m sick of watching you dangle my man by a damn string.

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  1. I think it is pretty clear that Jemma is into Fitz. She only developed feelings for Will when it seemed like she would be stuck on the foreign planet forever. Or, as Will observed, Fitz is her favourite word.

    • Yeah I thought that too, but I think she kind of thinks of him as her back up guy. Trip dies, and she finally agrees to go to dinner with him. Now Will is in the picture. Poor Fitz.

      • I never got that impression at all. Remember, Fitz didn’t really see Jemma as love interest either, he was interested in Skye and it was only when she told him how she sees the relationship between him and Jemma that he saw her in another light. Jemma never had the opportunity to come to the conclusion herself, he just told her and then nearly died. That she had to sort out her feelings is understandable because it would have been a mistake to confuse being thankful with being in love. At this point, she was already no longer flirting with Trip, though.

  2. Jemma loves him. She does. She loves him as a friend, obviously, and more than that too. She was so excited for their date before the whole rock incident. Had that not happened, I think they’d definitely be an official thing by now.
    Their awkwardness in S2 was due to the fact that Fitz’s feelings surprised her and she didn’t want to rush into anything when he was still healing. But then they moved past that and didn’t get the chance to do anything about it.
    As for Will, that would have never happened if she had a hope of getting home. When their little SOS attempt failed, she had to face the fact that she was probably going to be stuck on that planet for a while. Years, probably, like Will, or maybe the rest of her life. So of course she would seek comfort in the only person there, and the only person who knew what she was going through.
    I do feel bad for Fitz because he loves her so much and would do anything for her, and yet he keeps getting the shaft, but hopefully things will work out for them. Their relationship is unlike any other and the buildup has been too great for it to all end by some random space man.

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