Did ‘The Walking Dead’ Make Mistake By Not Answering Glenn Questions?

People are freaking out that this week’s episode didn’t follow up the events of the last. 



AMC’s “The Walking Dead” has always marched to their own beat. While they listen to what fans of the comics and show have to say, they do what they want when they want. So when we were all left hanging at the end of “Thank You”, this week’s follow up episode “Here’s Not Here” didn’t answer any of our burning Glenn questions.

Glenn’s potential death was a rough one for fans of the show. He is one of the more noble and likable characters – especially since Rick has totally gotten on board the crazy train. Our biggest question is “What the hell happened to him!?”

We still don’t know because instead of continuing on with that story, we got a whole backstory on how Morgan went from an absolute nutjob to a Jedi master. It was a question that needed to be answered, but did it need to be answered with a 90 minute episode after ripping our hearts out of our chests the week before? Probably not.

I will say this – “Here’s Not Here” was a pretty good episode, it just happened to air at the wrong time. Though, it’s not the first time that we’ve been left hanging with this show.

We had no idea where Carol was for almost half a season. Same thing with Beth (RIP). When the shit went down at the prison, and the fact that they have far too many characters on this show, we were left waiting to figure out the fates of a bunch of characters.

Basically this is the sort of thing that we should be used to by now. Scott M. Gimple giveth, and Scott M. Gimple taketh away.

Am I happy to have finally learned where Morgan was this whole time, and why he’s suddenly a peaceful monk? Yes. Though I would prefer following around the main cast, we also need to know what some of the side characters are up to. Again, a special hour and a half episode could have been summed up in a few flashbacks, or even the first thirty minutes. When “The Walking Dead” drags their feet, they really drag them.

I don’t think we’ll learn Glenn’s fate next week, either. It looks like this next episode will focus on the people of Alexandria. Just brace yourself for another week of not knowing.


It will be okay. We will survive.

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