Santa Ships Gifts to Albany Using FedEx?

Yep, it appears jolly old Saint Nick is outsourcing some of his work. But who can blame him? I mean the reindeer have to be getting tired and what not. And the cost for hay for them has got to be getting really high! So it makes sense.

But I also like the fact they mentioned Albany by name in this commercial.

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  1. not sure you understand the complexity of this, if you tell all the children there is no santa, where is the joy of waking up in the morning surprised, santa is a tradition that brings much wealth to all the people whom fed-ex delievers, they bank of children believing in santa, how about all the farmers who won’t sell the milk for santa, the cookie makers, the carrots, all the toys now that are made will be just that toys… what a waste of humanity.. what about all the santa costumes , the santa from the salvation army , the list goes on and on, you people are not very smart, people will be sueing you instead of shipping with you, you ruined christmas for a whole lot of people …

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