Is ‘Supergirl’s’ Hank Henshaw Going To Be Cyborg Superman?

We got a tiny little reveal as to who hank Henshaw really was on last night’s “Supergirl.” So is he who we think he is?



At the conclusion the second episode of CBS’ “Supergirl” we got a little gift from the writers and show-runners. Those red eyes!

Since Greg Berlanti is involved with this show, he’s never been one to leave us waiting to find things out. When Hank Henshaw was introduced in the pilot my mind immediately went to Cyborg Superman.

Obviously they’ve changed Hank’s role and race, but that’s not a big deal. Comics Hank started off as a scientist/astronaut, on the show he is a the leader of the DEO. That’s not to say that’s not how he started, though.

In the first episode Hank reveals to Kara’s sister, Alex, that the only reason why they brought her on board with the DEO was because of her relationship with Kara, aka Supergirl. Perhaps this is what Hank’s game plan is.

Maybe this Hank Henshaw is just waiting and trying to get closer to Superman, who did something to hurt him the past. Kara might be his way to get at him.

We’ll have to wait and see!

In the meantime, learn a little bit more about Hank’s origin on the comics.

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