Chloe Bennet’s Boyfriend Posts, and Quickly Deletes Sexy Bikini Photo

Chloe Bennet who plays Daisy Johnson on “Agents of SHIELD” is a beautiful actress, but the photo her boyfriend accidentally posted over the weekend made our jaws drop. 



Chloe Bennet’s boyfriend, Austin Nichols, currently has a role on AMC’s “The Walking Dead”, posted the above photo of his lovely lady to his Instagram page. I personally saw it last night when my wife showed me. She follows him and couldn’t believe that there was suddenly Daisy butt in her face.

When I went back to get the embed code for the post, it was gone! Thank goodness for screen shots or this one would be lost for good.

In the grand scheme, it’s not even really that bad of a photo. Chloe’s done racier stuff with Esquire in the past.

Was this a private post that accidentally went public, OR did the ABC/Disney machine ask them to remove it because it sexualized Chloe in a way where little girls might get the wrong idea. Discuss if you want, we’re just going to enjoy the view.


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  1. Thank You very much… I was wondering how much “TNT” Chloe Bennet was packin’

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