The X-Cast: Geek Show Episode 31 – Cisco Selfie


Howde folks! Hope you’ve been enjoying the latest season of shows! I know we have. Are you ready to talk about some of the shows? Well, let’s get started!

We started with some “Quick Hits” on Star Wars and some of the new Marvel comic book universe. BJ and I loved the new Japanese TV spot for The Force Awakens, and BJ has been getting into some of the new titles for Marvel. I may just need to get in there and start reading again too.

We moved on to the Marvel Netflix shows and talked Jessica Jones and the new trailer that dropped. We also talked David Tennant and how he fits in quite nicely for his part as The Purple Man. We then jumped over to the Iron Fist rumors and tried to make sense of what was going on.

Then we got into Doctor Strange as filming has started in Nepal. We’re starting to see some set pics getting leaked and it’s looking pretty cool!

We then hopped over to Ant Man and The Wasp as we’re starting to hear a few things now about this movie. Not much of course as it’s not due till sometime in 2017, but what we are hearing is pretty cool.

Then we recapped Flash and Shield, as we recorded this on a Wednesday, before Arrow. We discussed Zoom and Harrison Wells and also the big fight scene. We also went back over BJ’s theory of who Lash was, and yeah, he called it. We then got into where it goes from there. Then we talked a little about Supergirl, as we’re not 3 episodes in and we’re starting to get a feel for it.

Thoughts on the show? Leave them below!

-Stay Geeky!

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