New ‘Batman v Superman’ Clip Shows Superman Is In Charge

While the next trailer for the highly anticipated “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” will premiere Wednesday during “Jimmy Kimmel Live” we got a new clip to drool over. 

I’m going to start out by saying that I have absolutely no idea what is happening is this clip, but man does Henry Cavill look bad ass as Superman. Not that he hasn’t before, but this dark version of the character is awesome.

Batman/Bruce Wayne is being held captive, and yes that is Ben Affleck under the mask. Why is he being held captive? Not a clue. There is a lot of speculation that these scenes are a vision that Gal Godot’s Wonder Woman has of a future where the two are at odds.

Of course there are many other theories out there that Lex Luthor is developing Superman clones, the possibility of Doomsday being involved, and even a few people who think that this is Bizarro. I honestly don’t think that Bizarro will be making an appearance in this DC cinematic universe simply because the character is a bit too cartoonish for their dark tone. Though, until we see the full new trailer Wednesday, we can’t rule anything out.

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