WATCH: New ‘Batman v Superman’ Trailer Gives First Look at Doomsday

With DC/Warner Bros “Batman v Superman” heading the theaters in March 2016, we finally have a more in depth look at the film with this latest trailer. 

Alright. I’m hyped up about this right now. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor, and now Doomsday? This movie is bringing it strong!


Warner Bros.

From this latest trailer it looks like Bruce Wayne is at odds with Superman because of how the events of “Man of Steel” went down. There was a lot of destruction, and remember, in that film people did not trust Superman yet. To me, it looks like people outside of Metropolis are still skeptical of his motives.

Batman seems to be on a mission to find out if he is really here to look out for humanity, or destroy us. I think he’s doing this by attempting to fight him.

They don’t stay fighting the entire time. With Lex seeming to pull the strings, he unveils that he has created Doomsday from the corpse of Michael Shannon’s General Zod.

Warner Bros

Warner Bros

From this clip it looks like they’ve done a great job with the Doomsday look. Well done. All I hope is that a villain as big as Doomsday doesn’t turn into a one-off performance. Also, will he kill, or come close to killing, Superman? We will have to wait and see!

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