I Actually Don’t Hate This New Theory About Supreme Leader Snoke’s Identity

There have been a few terrible theories about Supreme Leader Snoke’s true identity thrown out there, but this new one isn’t bad. 



If you listened to the latest episode of the Geek Show, you know how we feel about the various theories about Supreme Leader Snoke. We don’t like them. As a Star Wars fan, I have to say this latest theory isn’t bad.

The new theory on Snoke’s identity was first put out there by Screenrant. It’s pretty interesting. They are suggesting that Snoke might actually be Grand Moff Tarkin. That’s right, Tarkin!



Previous theories about Snoke’s identity have been a little wacky, and so is this one, but for some reason it just makes sense to me.

Obviously Snoke is someone who is very old, and seems to have seen his fair share of violence. We have not seen Grand Moff Tarkin since “A New Hope.” It is presumed that he died when they blew up the first Death Star. But what is he didn’t? What if he some how survived and is now back to try and rebuild the empire that he lost?

Yes, I know this theory is pretty out there. Just listen to some of the facts that were presented.

We haven’t seen anything that suggests that Snoke is a force user. We do know that he is very powerful, and was even giving Vader orders at points in a “A New Hope.” Perhaps this is the influence that he holds over both Kylo Ren and Hux.

If you watched the “Clone Wars” series you got to meet a younger Tarkin, who clearly disliked the Jedi. It wouldn’t be that much of a stretch to say that he would do anything to wipe them out. After all, let’s not forget about the addition of Inquisitors in “Star Wars: Rebels.” This dude has an axe the grind.

Another thing they point out is the resemblance. You have to admit that they have some similarities. Those scars could totally be from an explosion AKA the first Death Star.

It wouldn’t be too far fetched to think that the Emperor would have just left Tarkin for dead, or maybe in the shadows. Maybe Tarkin was just waiting for the right time to make his move, and get his revenge.

You can dive into the full theory here.

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