Four Actors I Would Love To See Play Cable

Now that Ryan Reynolds as confirmed that a Deadpool and Cable movie is being talked about it’s time to fan-cast our favorite time traveling mutant from the future. 



Fox’s reboot to the X-Men franchise as so far been a big success. So they’ve put some faith into Ryan Reynolds and company and the “Deadpool” movie. That hits theaters February 12th, and so far no one has a bad thing to say about it.

Being that “Deadpool” will no doubt be a success that leaves the window open for the X-Men movie universe to expand. Reynolds said last week that there are talks for a Deadpool and Cable movie. That has us very excited. So who could play the part of Cable aka Nathan Summers?

I have four actors in mind that I think could pull off the part.

Adam Baldwin: My top pick



Many of you know Adam Baldwin from “Firefly” where he played fan favorite character Jayne Cobb. He was also a total badass in “Full Metal Jacket”, “Angel”, and “Chuck.” Baldwin’s range of acting could really be shown off in the role of Nathan Summers. He can play serious just as well as he can crack a joke.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldeau



His performance in the Tom Cruise science fiction film “Oblivion” is what really sold me on him being able to play Cable. He has the look, and can pull off gritty. That’s perfect for Cable. I’m just not sure he would be able to do it given his schedule for “Game of Thrones” where he plays main character Jaime Lannister. Though, he would be a great fit.

Manu Bennett



Bennett might be a bit of a long shot for this role. Anyone who has seen “Spartacus” or “Arrow” will tell you that he could totally fit into the X-Men world. The fact that Bennett can pull off serious so well might be what makes him fit in as Nathan Summers the best. He’s currently starring in the new MTV show “The Shannara Chronicles.” He’s no stranger to action, science fiction, or fantasy.

John Cena

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 2.57.57 PM


Don’t laugh. Yes, Cena comes from the WWE and some of his earlier movies haven’t been great, but if you’ve seen “Trainwreck” with Amy Schumer you know that Cena has been working on his acting skills. He’s already got the comic book build for the character. Now if he could hone his acting skills in order to play a character as big as Cable, he would rock it.

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  1. I’m so down for John Cena as Cable, I’ve been saying thay as well, i really like Manu Bennet though, he has the perfect build and persona, my pick is Eric Dane from the Last Ship though. Just look at the guy in that show, he is Cable.

  2. Great list, but Eric Dane all day.

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