‘Star Wars: Rebels’ Season 3 Trailer Debuts at Star Wars Celebration

We’ve jumped in the timeline, and fans of the Expanded Universe will love the return of a familiar face. 

We’re in the middle of Star Wars Celebration and so far it’s been full of so much goodness. We got a first look at “Star Wars: Rebels” season three the other day via The Star Wars Show, but now we have the first full trailer and it’s amazing.

One thing that I’m not certain of is how far they’ve jumped into the future. Ezra seems to be more of a young man than a teenager. So this means the stories can finally get to be a bit more adult, something I’ve been waiting for. Darth Maul is back, and seems to be working with Ezra. His motives seem unclear since he’s hellbent on revenge against The Emperor. Maybe Ezra goes dark side, something I’ve thought would happen for some time now.

Also the big reveal that the man chasing the rebels is now going to be Grand Admiral Thrawne. Fans of the novel “Heir To The Empire” will know this name, and be very excited. He’s baaacckk!

Rebels season three will premiere this fall on Disney XD.

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