Get a First Look at DC’s ‘Justice League’ and ‘Wonder Woman’ – SDCC Trailers

DC dropped both the trailers for their next big movies and they look fantastic. 

San Diego Comic Con is going on this weekend, so of course you knew that some major stuff was going to drop. Some of that awesome stuff happen to be the first trailers for “Wonder Woman” and “Justice League.” If you don’t mind em saying so, they look fantastic.

Wonder Woman Trailer:


Justice League Trailer:

With Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot being two of the best parts of “Batman v Superman” I’m so happy to see them out in front of these latest projects. Wonder Woman might be the film I’m most excited for in 2017. It’s the female lead superhero film we’ve all been waiting for.

Also, these movies look fun! At last!

DC and Warner Bros. heard what the fans were saying and incorporated fun into their movies.

It’s also nice to see that these weren’t filmed in an Instagram filter like Zack Snyder likes to do. I like seeing Wonder Woman’s uniform with the blues, reds, and gold that it’s supposed to be.

Aquaman looks great. The Flash looks great. I would have liked to a bit more Cyborg, since I feel like he’s the character people are the least familiar with. Interestingly enough, no Henry Cavill as Clark Kent/Superman. We know he’s not staying dead, but I appreciate them not showing all their cards.

Wonder Woman is out summer 2017, with Justice League following in November 2017.

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