McDonald’s Testing Out All You Can Eat Fries

One of the best things in the free world, in my opinion, is McDonald’s fries. I always seem to never have enough of them when I do eat out at a McDonald’s, which recently has been not very often. Would all you can eat fries get you, or me back into their restaurant? 

Let’s keep a few things in mind, so far as I know, only one store is doing it, and that store is in Missouri. So a bit of a drive from Albany, NY. There is also the fact that they are kinda salty so you would want a drink too, and they kind of gouge you for drink prices now. There is also the fact, they are not that healthy a choice.

Screen Shot 2016-08-09 at 12.45.22 PM


The calories for a large serving is like 500! Almost a quarter of what I need for a whole day! So 4 large serving of fries will fill my caloric intake requirements for a day. But the sodium too? Ick! Combined with a combo meal, you’re really eating a lot of food and anything your body doesn’t use, just gets converted to fat and stored. No thanks, I have already lost like 25lbs, and would like to keep it off.

While the idea, at first glance is cool, from a health stand point. No thanks. I’ll take my one serving of medium fries that I have like once every 8 months, and move on from there. While I’m sure someone at McDonald’s offices thought it’s a cool idea, from a nutrition standpoint, it would have been better to offer all you can eat salad or something. They’re sales are really tasty, and you can control how much dressing you put on it. Just saying. This by no means is a shaming for some of you folks to change your eating habits on my word.


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  1. Fantastic blog post! I will not be eating lots and lots of fries at McDonalds anytime soon. Maybe just a few or so.

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