Japanese Pole Vaulter’s Penis Dashes Olympic Gold Hopes

The quest for a gold medal for Japanese Pole Vaulter Hiroki Ogita were crushed when his penis came into contact to the high bar and caused it to fall. So I guess you could say he was cock blocked? (*cough* sorry.) Have a look!

Photo by shenanigans via imgur.com

Photo by shenanigans via imgur.com

Ouch! That looked pretty painful to me! While I’m not a pole vaulting fan, or a Summer Olympics fan per say, I do respect these athletes for the hard work they put into their respected sport. It takes a lot to get to the Olympics and to have something like this happen, has got to be a little embarrassing.

After completing this vault, Ogita was ranked 21st at 5.45m in the event, with American vaulter Sam Kendricks topping the field at 5.70m. Hopefully we’ll see him back next time around and he’ll be wiser from this experience.

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