Shirtless Man Fires Corncobs At Neighbor’s House With A Potato Gun

Usually these kinds of stories start with “A Florida Man..”, but this time around, New England is getting some representation thanks to a man in Rhode Island, who was taking a feud with his neighbor to the next step!

Not the Gun used, but they make a nice "Whoomp!" when they go off!

Not the Gun used, but they make a nice “Whoomp!” when they go off!

50 year old Jeffrey M. Osella, has had an on going feud with his neighbor for the past 13 years. This pas t Tuesday night, he decided to get some action by taking a homemade potato gun, and lobbing a few corn cob rounds at his neighbor’s house. It was reported that a girl riding near by on her bike was almost hit with a cob, but was otherwise alright. I’m guessing Jeff was using AquaNet hairspray to fuel his gun. You can get mad distance with just a few squirts in the chamber.

When police arrived, they found Osella drunk, shirtless and covered in corn kernels. He told the police he wasn’t aiming at anyone in particular, just shooting in that general direction. I can only imaging what the cops were thinking when they rolled up to the house and saw him.


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