The X-Cast: Geek Show Episode 44 – Live Geekery [VIDEO]

This is our first real jump into live streaming video for the podcast, and we’re hoping to do more in the future. But we haven’t gotten rid of our regular audio show, and you can still get it here, as well as iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn and all the other places it’s available. Ready to get into the show? Let’s go!

Since it has been a while, since we did our last show, we got caught up on what we’ve been doing off the air. BJ and his wife had a baby, and life with a toddler has started up for me. So we had some “Dad talk” time to start out. (I smell a new podcast here!) Then we went into our bread and butter, getting into some DC movie news. We talked about the Justice League and solo Flash movies.

Then we moved over to the other side of the street to talk about Marvel. Doctor Strange, Luke Cage, and Kevin Feige screening Avengers for the Motion Picture Academy. From there we go into discussing the startup of the 3rd season of Star Wars Rebels, and a little bit of the newer stuff coming out as well.

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-Stay Geeky!

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