Logan Official Trailer, Final Wolverine Film

It’s here, and it’s glorious. 

Alright kids, here it is! The first look at “Logan.” This is Hugh Jackman’s final appearance as Wolverine, and it looks like even though they were able to right the past in “Days of Future Past” and eliminate the war with the Sentinels, it appears that history always has a way of making itself.

This one looks like they’ve gone down the path of “Old Man Logan” but made some significant changes. Charles Xavier is still alive, and who is this little girl? My guess is that it’s X-23 .

If they are introducing X-23, that’s fantastic because she becomes Wolverine eventually.

SPOILERS from the comics:

X-23 is a female clone of Wolverine, and she’s not alone. I have a feeling that the end credits scene from “Apocalypse” will play directly into this with the Essex Corp taking Weapon X’s blood. Essex Corp means Mister Sinister, possibly. At least Nathaniel Essex.

We’ll all find out March of 2017!

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