BIG Rich’s Rogue One Spoiler Free Review

For the past few weeks I have been in a nerdgasim about Rogue One, counting the days till it came out. Well, I got to see it last night and my main reaction, is it’s fantastic!

How so you may ask? Because it brings together not only the elements of the Clone Wars and Rebels animated series, but giving you that old school feel from Star Wars, and we get to see Darth Vader at his bad ass0-ness self. Yes, I just created a new word to describe Darth Vader. Go ahead and use it.


First in line for one of the early Thursday night showings go Rogue One. Photo: BIG Rich

Now when I say elements, I am talking about characters and little nuanced easter eggs that you will see in the movie that bring those two shows out of the animated world and into the live action world. So if you are a fan of both those shows, you will squeal in your seat when you get to those parts of the movie.

The overall story was very gritty and dark. This is not a movie for the kids. This is for the “big kids” who are fans. We’re talking 17 years old and up here. While the movie had a PG-13 rating, I would leave the little kids home, unless you want them to think that Darth Vader is coming for them.

I highly recommend this movie to the die hard fan, and for those that are coming in blind, who have ever seen the other movies, this could be a definite starting point to a fandom you may never want to leave. Kevin Smith liked this movie to Empire Strikes Back, and I have to agree. Rogue One is perhaps on the same level and on further viewings, may actually surpass Empire.

And if you’re not afraid of spoilers, here is Keven Smith’s full spoiler filled review! And be on the look out for BJ and mine’s next Geek Show, where we will give our own spoiler filled spin on the movie..


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