The Sears Wishbook – How I Made My Christmas Wish List

It’s the time of the year when kids have prepared their lists for Santa of their holiday wishes and sent them off in hopes that on December 25th, Christmas morning, they will find them under their Christmas tree. Kids now a days use the Internet though to compile their lists. While kids of my day waited for that special moment, one that postal carriers of yore still dread to this day. The Sears Wishbook Catalog Day!Yes, many a postal carrier’s bacs have gone out because of these thick catalogs that got delivered every late October. About 3 inches thick with pages of everything from automotive, kitchen wares, hardware and house wares  to clothes, and of course toys! I would sit down and leaf through it making selections for my list and noting the page and item number making sure I had it all neat for Santa to be able to pass the list to his head elf who made sure everything that needed to be in the sleigh, was!

As a fond remembrance of that time of my youth, here is a few samples of the catalog shows you all the Christmas goodies one could order by phone, postal mail or in store, as there was no Internet in the 80’s, to place an online order. How did we survive?

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