Have A Look Inside QuakeCon

You know those days where everything just goes wrong and you’re so stressed you have to do something to get unwound? Some people have a few drinks, other work out. I like blowing people up! Oh yeah, nothing like throwing some rockets at someone and seeing their gibs go flying! I’m talking about the first person shooter Quake 3 Arena of course! But wouldn’t you want to do that with a whole building full of people gunning after you too? You can, and it’s called QuakeCon! The country’s biggest LAN party!

QuakeCon 2007

QuakeCon 2007 Image by http://vgtimes.ru/

QuakeCon has been going on for over 20 years and is the LAN party to go to. As a twenty and thirty something, I loved to pack up my PC box and monitor, head to a friend’s house and hook into a network hub, and play some games. It’s actually how I learned to crimp network cables. Quake was always my favorite and QuakeCon is one of those things I want to do, that is on my bucket list. But QuakeCon isn’t just about Quake anymore though. Many people come to socialise as well as play other games online and on tabletops! It’s basically becoming a social gathering of gamers from a cross section of the world!

It’s also branched into CosPlay as well as being able to see some trailers or even get to play demos of some of the newest and hottest games coming out! I mean wow! Plus there is the tournaments, where you can win a non-trivial amount of money, if you’re good enough. I am not that good, so I would probably just watch the tournaments from the audience and enjoy the fun and atmosphere. And with a LAN this big, there is a lot going on. I never knew how big a thing it really was till I saw this video they produced, and what it takes to get this LAN party really off the ground every year! Check it out and let us know in the comments what you think!

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