Creator of Cards Against Humanity Game Will Buy Congress’ Browsing History and Share It – Tech Thursday

Congress just rolled back some Net Neutrality rules that protected your browsing habits from being sold by ISPs out to make more money then they already do, off of you. Effectively removing privacy rules put in place by the last administration. But Max Temkin, who created the awesome card game “Cards Against Humanity” has an idea to show Congress we are not amused.  

Essentially, he’s talking about buying the data of the people in Congress that voted for this measure, and then releasing it to the Internet. So that means every website they visited would be available to public scrutiny. Every porn site, they watched videos on or downloaded pictures from. Every time they checked their bank account, or their cable bill and what not. Now, while there will be a way opt-out, you can bet dollars to donuts the ISPs won’t make it easy. They can make a boat load of extra money off you, just by selling your browsing habits and data. Kinda like how Facebook is doing it.

Your ISP could also defeat any ad blocking software you may use to block ads, and then insert their own ads. Not to mention, inject cookies on your system that you would not be able to remove. So it’s in a nut shell, giving the ISPs the right to track, catalog and sell your data to the highest bidder and you have little to no say in the matter.

One way you could protect yourself is with a VPN, a Virtual Private Network connection. This would in essence encrypt your computer’s connection to the Internet, and the ISPs wouldn’t be able to see what you are doing. But that would most likely prompt them to find a way to circumvent that, if they are making mad money off you. Maybe throttle the speed to the vpn server? Make it so slow that you wouldn’t want to use it? They could, if Ajit Pai, Chairman of the FCC gets his way and rolls back even more rules for Net Neutrality. Think back to when there was talk of preferred speeds for companies that paid the ISP more. It’s already happened before, so why wouldn’t they do it again if they can and get away with it?

For now I suggest a VPN and support the Electronic Frontier Foundation in their fight to protect your privacy. The other option is to let them rape you for more money and give little to nothing back in return.

’nuff said…


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