The X-Cast: Geek Show Episode 48 – Rebel Air Horn

BJ and I are back, and we’re covering a lot of ground in this episode. Star Wars Rebels, The DC Television Universe and more. So strap in, we’re jumping into Hyperspace! Yipee! Sorry, I was over come with young Anakin Syndrome..

We also talk a little about the new Justice League and Spider-Man trailers that dropped this past couple weeks, as well as some reveals on Rey’s costume from Episode 8! We talk a little Star Wars Celebration in Orlando and we talk some about who is going to be cast as Cable in the new Deadpool movie. That’s a lot of stuff from a free podcast right? Yeah, I know! But, we hope you enjoy this episode and if you haven’t yet, make sure to check out and subscribe to our Youtube page, where you can watch the new episodes of Geek Show! Yep! We’re live streaming episodes as we record them, so be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook as well as subscribing to us on YouTube so you can know when we’re going live!

And just for good measure, here is the Episode 48 video! Enjoy!

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