All Rise for Aaron Judge’s New Fan Section at Yankee Stadium

This baseball season for the Yankees has been better to start then most. They’re currently at 25 and 16, and they seem to be setting themselves up for another run at the playoffs. But Aaron Judge has been a big part of that and he’s gotten a lot of attention from fans. And the Yankees are happy to help that along!

They setup a section in the the stands for fans and called it “The Judge’s Chamber.” Fans are picked at random from other seats and get a black robe to wear while in the section, and can keep a foam gavel that says “All Rise!” There was a section near the part part of the stadium that friends and fans had setup kind of ad hoc. And they also wore black robes and held up signs saying “All Rise!”

And why not? He’s currently .331 with 30 RBIs and 15 homers. I personally think he’s becoming the caliber of player Derek Jeter was. And I hope he does make it. He’s well on the way since he’s already a Yankee.

So would you like to be “judged?”


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